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If you play a contact sport and are looking for the highest level of protection against concussion, brain and dental injuries then here at The Dentist we recommend custom fitted mouth guards. Our mouth guards are laminated to offer up to 10 times the protection of self fitting mouth guards. The lamination process allows the mouth guard to be customised to an optimal thickness for each age, sport and level of competition.

Sports and the pursuit of an active lifestyle is an essential part of many of our and our family’s lives, however sports and recreational activities are also the major cause of dental injuries. These can often be painful and require extensive treatment later in life. Store bought or “boil and bite” mouth guards are often bulky, poorly fitted and only protect the front teeth offering limited protection. A custom fitted mouth guard offers a high level of protection to the entire mouth and is tailored to suit your mouth. This ensures a snug fit allowing you to breathe and communicate effectively.

Our mouth guards fit precisely ensuring they stay in place and don’t impede breathing or speech when playing, so contact our friendly team today to arrange a fitting and join the numerous New Zealand representative sport stars who appreciate the protection and comfort offered by wearing a customised mouth guard.