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Our Location

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We thoroughly appreciate your feedback. This enables us as a team to ensure we continue to provide quality service and dental care to our patients. We encourage you to place feedback through our email address or phone one of our friendly Receptionists.

Denture Reline – Ruth Langley, March 2013

Having implants put in is the most amazing experience. After having dentures for many years and with the implants connected to my teeth is like having my own teeth again. Being able to eat and chew without my lower dentures making my gums sore is the added bonus. In the future, the discomfort of bone loss and difficulty of fitting the lower dentures is now not a problem.

Implants - Dennis Conroy, April 2011

I had to have both Top and Bottom teeth removed a couple of years ago, Susan at The Dentist completed the removal and the setup of dentures. After things had settled down, I underwent the installation of Implants to both Top and Bottom Gums. The Implants have been a great success, I doubt very much if I could have put up with the Dentures rolling around in my mouth as I was trying to eat meals. The Implants hold the Dentures very firm and I can eat anything I desire with no problems at all. If you have Dentures and don’t have implants I would strongly recommend you investigate the procedure. Expensive, yes maybe but in the long term a very minimal cost.