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Anxious Patients

Feeling afraid of the dentist is nothing to be worried about at our practice! At The Dentist Pukekohe we understand the anxiety which can accompany many people to the dentist, often resulting from a previously painful or traumatic experience. With your care and comfort in mind we offer I.V. (Intravenous) sedation to any patients suffering from anxiety to help ensure you complete your treatment in a positive, relaxed manner.

I.V. (Intravenous) Sedation

For any pre-booked appointment we are able to offer intravenous sedation by a qualified professional. I.V. Sedation is a technique using a sedative, given using a vein in your arm, to relax you. We continue to use more sedative as it is needed throughout the procedure, so that treatment is very smooth and comfortable for you. You will not have a clear memory of the time you are sedated although you remain conscious throughout the procedure and the time seems to pass very quickly.

There are several conditions patients must agree to before undergoing I.V. sedation:

  • No food should be taken within four hours of the appointment time
  • No drink should be taken within two hours of the appointment time
  • The patient must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is able to be contacted by phone (mobile or other) and can be at the surgery within five minutes to collect the patient
  • Wear loose clothing so that we can roll your sleeve up beyond your elbow because we will use a vein in your arm
  • You may not drive a vehicle or operate machinery that day, after sedation
  • You may not undertake responsible business matters as you may not have a clear memory about this later
  • You may not drink any alcohol until the next day

For more information regarding this service or to notify us of your requirement of this service for your next booking, please contact our friendly team.